Optimizing MetaMask Wallet For Better Privacy and Security

Metamask wallet is one of the best and most widely used Ethereum wallets. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of nice features to give you a seamless experience when you make your crypto transactions. You can easily own and manage multiple wallets at the same when you use Metamask.

However, these are some privacy and security concerns you should be aware of and take simple steps to fix them. If you already use Metamask wallet, then make the following changes to improve your wallet safety and privacy.

1. Turn Off The Batch Account Balance

Login to your Metamask wallet and navigate the following path to turn off your Batch Account balance.

SettingsSecurity & Privacy Batch account balance.

The Batch Account balance is turned on by default, you will need to turn it off to improve your privacy and security.

Disabling the Batch Account balance will prevent Metamask from leaking all the addresses you own to any RPC, making it possible to link all your addresses together.

Any RPC leaks that link all your addresses together are a security risk and privacy exposure. If a hacker knows that a particular batch of addresses belongs to the same person, it will be much easier to deduce the identity of the owner as we often have one of our addresses linked to our online profile.

If you are not sure how to disable the Batch Account balance you could follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Metamask with your password

Metamask wallet log-in

Step 2: Navigate to settings by clicking on the (:) at the top right corner and select Settings

Navigate to Settings on Metamask wallet

Step 3: Click on Security & Privacy

Navigating Metamask Security & Privacy

Step 4: Scroll down to look for the Batch account balance requests, and turn it off. The default is ON, click on the toggle button to change it to OFF

Turn off the Batch Account balance

This will prevent Metamask from leaking all the addresses you own to any RPC.

2. Choose Your RPC Network or Add Your Own IFPS Gateway (optional).

An RPC node (Remote Procedure Call )is a type of computer server that allows users to read data on the blockchain and send transactions to different networks. An RPC can reveal sensitive information such as your IP and as such can be a privacy concern.

Metamasks also allows you to choose your own RPC network or add your own custom IPFS choose your own RPC network and you can add your own custom IPFS gateway.

Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Add custom IPFS gateway

Adding your own custom IPFS gateway to Metamask

Make the necessary changes if you need to. Add your custom link.


Metamask is a good way, albeit, with some privacy and security flaws. You can make some changes in settings to optimize the privacy and security of your wallet. Turn off the Batch account balance and if need be, add your own custom IPFS gateway.

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