The goal of this article is to get an exchange where you can buy Bitcoin with the lowest withdrawal fee. usually comes with a huge withdrawal fee. The normal Bitcoin withdrawal fee of 0.003 -0.001 BTC applies to most exchanges – $8 to $30.However, FixedFloat is an exchange that offers the lowest or cheapest Bitcoin withdrawal fee. Its token swap service is a direct deposit to your wallet for only a fraction of what you would pay for most exchanges.

With FixedFloat, you can buy Bitcoins, and have them withdrawn to your wallet for a total transaction fee of less than $1.5. They offer the best exchange rates and minimum commissions for withdrawals.

Here are a few things you should know about FixedFloat Exchange;

  1. Trades are automated on the platform and transactions can be viewed on the blockchain.
  2. You can use the platform anonymously – Email registration is optional.
  3. There are two fee structures – 0.5 percent and 1 percent, It is ideal for small transactions.
  4. They are active on social media and you can contact them for support and inquiries.

Warning: Be aware of the potential risks involved in using any platforms to swap your cryptocurrencies and as such manage your risks accordingly. Do your research


Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit Fixedfloat at

Fixedfloat allows you to convert your USDT, TRX, BNB, BUSD, RIPPLE(XLM), TWT, DOGE, etc. to Bitcoin within 1 minute. You pay a total withdrawal/transaction fee of less than $1.5.

Transactions are automated and use The Lightening Network to deliver Bitcoin to your wallet.

Step 2: Select the coin you want to swap

Step 3: Select the coin you want to receive

Step 4: Enter the amount of coins to swap

Step 5: Enter your wallet address and click Exchange Now

Step 6: Send the coin you want to swap to the Fixedfloat provided wallet address.

Once your deposit receives 1 confirmation on the blockchain, Fixedfloat will process your transaction and send the funds to your chosen address.

Step 7: Wait to receive your coins within a few minutes.


FixedFloat offers the cheapest withdrawal fee for Bitcoin, only a fraction of what is obtainable with most exchanges. Transactions are fast and automated. It is an excellent choice, especially for small transactions. And as with all exchanges, it should be used with caution.

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