What are Airdrops?

Crypto Airdrops are promotional tokens that crypto project teams send to wallet addresses to create awareness. Many airdrops are free, and useful in building a community around a project. By giving out airdrops, projects create incentives for people to use the platform. and therefore promote their growth.

Airdrops can sometimes be worth a fortune, requiring very few tasks from potential recipients. The leading projects you should consider in 2024 for potential airdrops are as follows.

Top 5 Airdrops

With 2024 starting on a bullish note, here is a list of projects that have given hints to their respective communities on their plan to airdrop their native tokens to users of their platforms.

1.LayerZero Protocol Airdrop

Layerzero is the interoperability protocol that connects several different chains. It is a low-level communication primitive that allows you to build applications that can work seamlessly across different blockchains. With Layerzero, you can build different features of your application using different blockchains and they will still be able to function perfectly. This is done in a way that is secure, cheap, and fast.

LayerZero Protocol: Crypto airdrops

LayerZero is a heavily funded project with over $300 million in its treasury and has the support of some big companies (Coinabase Capital, Binance Labs, Uniswap Labs, Polygon, Sequoia Capital) in the crypto space. The team has not given an indication yet that there will be a token or an airdrop but the developer’s document does point to the creation of a ZRO token.

How to get Layerzero the airdrop

Use different DApps that are currently integrated into the ecosystem. Stargate Finance is the first and largest of these and they have the STG token (Governance token). Make use of the Stargate finance, Stake their native tokens, and use various other decentralized Applications that are in the Layaerzero Ecosystem. Use the Testnets available on the protocols.

2. zKsync Airdrop

Zksync is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution to batch transactions off the Ethereum chain. It sends transactions faster and at a much cheaper rate. It uses a zero-knowledge technology which allows two parties to agree on a statement without either party revealing information about themselves or compromising security.

Zksync has received almost $500 million in seed funding from investors – including the Ethereum Foundation, making it one of the largest funded crypto projects. It is more likely that the token release will be to promote the use of the platforms rather than to raise more funds, to incentivize users

How to get zkSync the airdrop

Participate in Gitcoin donation rounds, using Zksync to make your donations, make deposits to the Zksync layer2, and interact with the various applications supported by the ecosystem. Make use of the Argent wallet -one of the wallets supported by the ecosystem

3. Scroll Airdrop

Scroll is another Layer 2 ecosystem with a large community of users. It is an Open Source project that seamlessly extends Ethereum’s capabilities through zero-knowledge tech and EVM compatibility. The Layer 2 network is built by Ethereum devs for Ethereum devs.

Scroll Open source zkEVM Layer 2 Protocol - Potential airdrop

The team has announced that there will be an airdrop and currently has a lot of active quests ongoing that may qualify you for an airdrop. If you missed the Genesis Origin NFT minting on the platform, there is enough time to catch up as so many activities are yet to be completed.

How to get Scroll Airdrop

If you participated in the Scroll Original NFT Mint, you are on a good start. Other activities that can potentially make you qualify for Scroll airdrop is to Bridge some Ethereum to the Scroll Blockchain and start interacting with the various DApps on their platform. You can find more about Scroll on their official page

4. Linea Protocol

The Linear protocol team has announced that there will be an airdrop to the community participation in the development of the ecosystem. The process of getting the airdrop is simple – Join the different Linea Protocol quests to earn LXP points. Earn LXP from quests and convert them to Linea tokens when they launch. The Linea team is yet to announce the conversion ratio.

The Linear Community is large and heavily funded, making the possibility for the potential reward to be impressive.

How to get the Linea Protocol Airdrop

Join any active Linea Protocol Quests at The Quest will require you to pass the Proof of Humanity Test as a way of weeding out Sybil’s accounts.

5. Mask

Metamask is the most popular Cryptocurrency wallet. It was originally designed as an Ethereum wallet but has since been adapted to accommodate almost all other cryptos. There were speculations in the past by the Metamask team at the possibility of an airdrop –MASK Tokens. No one knows when or how the airdrop will be implemented.

metamask wallet

One thing is certain, however, if and when the team eventually does an airdrop, it will be massive. Metamask has the highest number of users (over 30 million active users monthly. Metamask also has some of the largest support from industry leaders and blockchains.

How to get the Metamask Airdrop

It is not immediately apparent what the criteria for the Metamask wallet airdrop will be. You will likely qualify for the airdrop if you use the Metamask Wallet features most people ignore. E.g., Bridging from Mainnet ETH to other Blockchains using the wallet, the Metamask Advanced Portfolio management, Staking ETH function, etc.


Airdrops can be very rewarding and can sometimes be just a few activities to be eligible for them. The top biggest crypto airdrops to expect in 2024 include LayerZero Protocol airdrop, zKsync airdrop, Linea airdrop, Scroll airdrop, and Metamask airdrop.

Besides the potential for huge rewards via airdrops from these platforms, they are also building solutions to address some unique challenges within the crypto ecosystem. There is so much to expect from these projects.

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